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Remove permission on a subfolder (Calendar) in a mailbox



Sometimes when we remove permissions on a subfolder in a mailbox, in our case it is calendar it does not remove delegation properly.

Remove-MailboxFolderPermission -identity "user1:\Calendar" -user "user2"

The reason for this issue is, when delegate users are added to an email box a hidden rule is added to that particular mailbox to forward the meeting request to the delegates even user is removed the rule continues to send them the meeting request.

Below herewith are 2 workaround for your issue,

Worker around 1 

Go to the Delegate Properties inside the two mailboxes previously delegating.  If the list is empty, but the "Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me" box is checked and grayed out, then add your name to the list (which will ungray the box), uncheck the box, then remove your name.

Worker around 2

1. Download MFCMAPI here and Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client (If Outlook 2010 combination doesn’t work)

2. Open the tool in the desktop which outlook is installed ( GM’s PC)

3. After launching MFCMAPI click the Session menu and choose Logon

4. After logging on choose MDB, Open other mailboxes, then From GAL

5. Choose the GM’s mailbox from the GAL and click OK at the “CreateStoreEntryID flags” dialog that appears…

6. Navigate the Root Container down to Top of Information Store and then Inbox. Right-click Inbox and choose Other tables and then Rules table

7. Depending on the number of regular inbox rules the mailbox has you may see more than one entry. To locate the invisible rule that handles email forwarding for delegates look for the rule that has a blank “Rule Name“, and has a PR_RULE_PROVIDER value of “Schedule+ EMS Interface“.

8. Right-click the rule and choose Delete

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