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Transport Rules-Based Message Interception

Transport Rules can be employed to satisfy needs for message review and monitoring, while Journaling can be employed to meet the regulatory compliance needs for message archiving. The purpose of this article is to simply demonstrate how to create a transport rule and apply it for existing users.

Transport rules are applied when messages are sent or received in your organization. Transport rule contain 3 criteria as below,

1. Condition

2. Action

3. Exception

First, a criteria is evaluated such as who the sender or receiver of the message is, or the keywords in a message.  If messages meet particular criteria (conditions and exceptions), then an action can be applied like ‘block,’ ‘copy,’ ‘moderate,’ or ‘append a disclaimer to the message’.  Transport Rules are used to enforce message control and protection policies. The Transport Rules agent runs on the Exchange Hub Transport server, evaluating every message against the set of Transport Rules.

The below demonstration show how to create a journal rule to Bcc a copy of a mail to a common or superior email address when someone in the organization try to send an email which contain any sensitive project key word like “confidential”.

1. Go to All Programs à Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 à Exchange Management Console.

2. Once the console open Select Hub Transport under Organization configuration and select new transport Rule as below.


3. Initial screen you can see as below. You can put Transport Rule Name and put a meaningful comment.


4. Select the conditions you want to apply for users.




5. Here we come to the Condition screen. You can specify key sensitive words you want filter.




6. It is time to provide the administrator or superior address which you want to send a bcc of the filtered email




7. We are not going to give any Exceptions


8. Click New.


9. Click Finish.


10. Below you can see the created Transport Rule. And it is up to you to change the priority level. If you want to make it as default you have to change the priority to 1.


11. This email is send to Susan Baker (External User) and since it contain confidential and secret word it should send a Bcc silently to peterp@contoso.lk (Administrator).



12. You can see below the email is received by the peterp@contoso.lk


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